Paul Mahon and Peter O’Farrell – Round Report

Runners:                 Paul Mahon and Peter O’Farrell

Support:                  Moire O’Sullivan

Start:                       03:00:00 Monday 15th July 2019

Finish:                     00:14:40 Tuesday 16th July 2019

Round Time:            21:14:40

Conditions:              Very Good – clear skies, wet rivers, dryish ground, foliage (mostly) reasonable,12-> 25 deg C w mix of overcast and strong sunshine

With the bald facts out of the way time for the report.

Paul and myself have been friends for many many years but hadn’t actually had a long day in the hills or a good chat in ages as I have been doing shorter time based activities whilst he has continued with the longer stuff. Paul gave me great support in a recent cycling challenge and my wife Orla was keen for me to repay the favour. With the official approval out of the way I was good to go!

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Declan McGrellis – My Rankin Round

The original plan was to go bag some Munros in Scotland.  When that plan fell through I was looking for alternatives closer to home.  It’s been a while since I camped out in the Mournes, so a couple of days hiking there sounded good.  But which part?  Not the same challenge as hiking up a Scottish Munro since I’d been over most of them before, but then the seed was sown … Kathleen’s recent completion of the Rankin Round … spend two days recceing the full route with a possible overnight camp.  The decision was made.  Planning was kept fairly low-key to say the least:

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Two Sat Navs, three lemmings and a crewman from Heaven – A day out in the Mournes 13/07/19

I love the mountains. I enjoy running, climbing and occasionally falling in the mountains. Do I know my way around the mountains? No, not really. I know some of them, the Skyline route mainly and I’d say another ten maybe, some by name, some not. After some discussion with mountain encyclopaedia Sean Nickell a while back we talked about giving the DRR a go.

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