Ross Jenkins – Round Report

At 4.30 in the morning on 26th August i was standing at the foot of Donard framed by the famous white arches. My first supporter was with me and absolutely buzzing to get going. We set off in the dark up the Glen River and conversation flowed – last time i Saw Max was about 10 years ago at Belfast Circus School.

We made great time up Donard and the last steps to the summit were at dawn. We descended into Donard bog and day broke over the Mournes as we continued from peak to peak in the sun. Max knew the route like the back of his hand and encouraged me every step of the way. We got down to the first changeover ahead of schedule and feeling fresh. Chris and the crew from Lagan Search and Rescue sorted some food and drink for me and kicked me back out on the trail with Bill from Dublin.

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Record Breaking Aoife Mundow

Saturday 1st August proved to be another busy day for the DRR. Setting off at 2 am, the Irish 24-hour record holder Aoife Mundow (Drogheda AC), set off from the white arch on a solo run with end of section support from husband and 2016 DRR completer Pól.

Aoife ran a strong and steady round comfortably under the Karina Jonina’s August 2018 record, eventually returning to complete the circuit in a record-breaking 19 hours 12-minute, therefore lowering the female record by a massive 2 hours and 8 minutes!