• Register at least 24 hours before your attempt, but not more than a few weeks in advance by emailing committee[at]
  • Unregistered rounds will not be ratified.
  • You must also email the commitee upon completion to have your round ratified, or in the event of a failed attempt.
  • Include the information:
    • Full name
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Age Category
    • Nationality
    • Club
    • Postal address
  • Information about your attempt:
    • Start date & time (update us if the details change)
    • Estimated completion time
    • Direction (clockwise or anticlockwise)
    • Supported or Unsupported  (See *Further information)
  • Contact Primal Tracking and organise a GPS tracker
    (Confirm as such in your registration email to the committee)
  • Consider making a Donation to Mourne Mountain Rescue (optional)
  • On completion, you must email the committee with the details listed in the RATIFICATION section below
  • Relay team category (Club Relay only)
    • All Male – Open (any mix), Vet 40 – 75
    • All Female – Open (any mix), Vet 40 – 75


For an official completion, submit the following to the committee via email:

  • Timing Data:
    • Date of completion
    • Start & Finish times
    • Completion time (hours:minutes)
  • Supporting evidence:
    • Independent witness statements
    • Summit photographs
  • GPS Data will be supplied to the committee by Primal Tracking. (You may also submit a GPX file from your watch)
  • A brief report

The committee will have the final say on accepting the evidence but we will expect competitors to enter the event within the spirit of fell running events.

Additional Information
During the registration process you will state if the round is to be support or unsupported. This information is not used to differentiated completion times, more to build a picture of the round attempt. For the purposes of their report, some members may state if a round is Supported/Unsupported. Clarification on what constitutes either is listed below:

Supported: Met at road crossings or on the course with gear/food.
Unsupported: Completely self-sufficient with no outside help in the form of another runner carrying or supplying gear/food/navigation. Moral support at road crossings is encouraged.
Winter Round: 1st December through to 23:59 on the last day of February.