The Denis Rankin Round is a mountain challenge which connects all the 400 metre plus summits in the Mourne Mountains, County Down , Northern Ireland.

The distance is around 90km over 39 tops with a total ascent over 6200 metres. As a rule of thumb, each top included has at least 30 metres ascent and descent from neighbours, although there are a few borderline cases which have been deemed worthy of inclusion. The circuit can be done either clockwise or anti-clockwise starting from the white arch at the entrance to Donard car park, Newcastle. The summits must be done in the order stipulated  and the challenge is to complete the circuit within 24 hours.

The Mourne Mountains are granite hills and their shape has been likened in appearance to a clutch of eggs.  This particularly applies to the north eastern side of the range where they are  packed closely together, making for sharp steep climbs and descents, sometimes with virtually no flat ground between the mountains. The south western hills are lower in height and more spread out, and traversing this area involves more boggy ground and forestry areas.  The Round divides up into five sections so food stops and meeting supporters can be done at convenient road crossings or forestry tracks.

This is not an organised event and can be done at any time of the year. Aspiring circuiteers must register their intentions with the Denis Rankin Round committee and afterwards provide evidence of their circuit to be included in the records of successful attempts. A special certificate will be issued to all successful circuiteers.

We invite you to take on this challenge to see if you can get around the Mournes in 24 hours and in memory of our friend Denis Rankin who lived his life taking on many similar mountain related challenges.