Rules Overview

  • The Denis Rankin Round is to be completed on foot within a 24 hr period.
  • The start and finish is the white entrance arch to Donard car park in Newcastle.
  • The route traverses all the significant Mourne peaks, over 400m in height, in a fixed order, either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. (see Route)
  • There is no fixed route between the peaks and participants are responsible for ensuring there is permitted access along their route.
  • The challenge may be completed individually or in groups with accompanying runners and meeting support teams for food/refreshments encouraged.
  • Touch each summit cairn.
  • Do not run on top of the Mourne Wall.
  • Respect private land (fences, gates etc.) and use stiles when possible.
  • Register your attempt with the committee (see Registration)
  • Obtain a tracker from Primal Tracking
  • Email the committee upon completion to have the route ratified, or in the event of a failed attempt.
  • Paid or guided rounds will not be ratified.

The Double Round

  • Must be completed within 48-hours. There are no other time limits.
  • The round must be completed CW and ACW in whichever order you prefer.

Before attempting the Rankin Round
Prepare well – this is a demanding high mountain challenge on rough and remote terrain, with a total distance of around 90km (56 miles) and over 6500m (20,000 ft) of ascent.

Be ready to deal with injuries, exhaustion or poor weather conditions.  (Mobile phone reception is patchy along the route.)

Be sensible about equipment with individual full body cover, map, compass, whistle, food, first aid, headtorch etc.

This is a personal challenge where competitors individually are responsible for their own safety.  The Denis Rankin Round committee does not accept any responsibility of any nature or kind for loss, damage or injury suffered by a participant who takes part in or attempts the Denis Rankin Round.